will meyer

Nerd of multiple disciplines. Father of boys. Employee of Spotify.

Kickass engineers in DMV: you should work at Clearspring

We serve our AddThis javascript tools 2B times a day, across millions of sites.  People use them millions of times a day.  We have a ton of data coming into our backend, and actually make sense of it.  We have APIs for everything.  We are pushing the open web through efforts like OExchange.  We super-serve web publishers.                    

If you want to work on a data-driven team that has cutting edge tech on both the client and the server, works on everything from hard-as-hell analytical problems to optimizing usability and everything in between, and think you can make it even better, drop me a line (DM/comment/FB message/sky writing/whatever). 

Here's a little more info on a few current descriptions, but don't let it stop you from getting in touch if you don't see a perfect fit.  We'll make it work for awesome candidates. 


P.S. Bonus points for extracurricular hobbies of any sort.