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When did video game ads get so cool?

I'm by no means a serious gamer (kids, job, etc). Doesn't mean I don't get seriously blown away occasionally by the craziness that is the gaming world, as well as the increasingly amazing art direction. Beyond the actual games, the whole ad/trailer space has somehow gotten really interesting and short-film-like in the last little while. And yes, the opportunity cost of watching some good trailers is way lower than that of staying up all night playing an actual game. The Xbox360 crowd, especially, has some great ads. Couple highlights for the folks who live without game culture:

Kind of a classic at this point, an ad for a shooter that's really more of a mood piece. All about the music, obviously, but someone over at the ad agency (McCann-Erickson San Francisco) had a pretty inspired idea here. Gears of War.

Another interesting ad, though this time more of an urban set piece with absolutely no connection to video games whatsoever.

And lastly, a trailer for Bioshock (which doesn't appear to be at all suitable for playing with my toddler). Holy cow.

So, um, go out and buy yourself some video games and waste a bunch of time.