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Office building with a single (helical) floor

Just read this post. Using a helical, single-floor scheme would be cool for an office environment, and some of the mentioned variations are neat:

"The principle is a cylindrical building with a helical shape for the floor. The slope of the floor is 1.5% (it rises by 1.5 cm every meter), thus hardly noticeable. The height of each ’storey’ is 3 meters, so that when you walk 200 meters along the corridor, you have walked a full circle, but you end up one ’storey’ above or below your starting point. This results in a diameter of approximately 60 meters, therefore quite common for large skyscrapers. The corridor is on the outside, so that everybody has access to the fabulous views over the city. Offices are all on the inside. "

Not sure why the Guggenheim isn't mentioned, and there's also the very real issue that you need an elevator core for all kinds of infrastructural reasons in an office structure, but it would be a fun place to work.